Drinking Water: To Filter or Not to Filter?

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Drinking Water: To Filter or Not to Filter?

Most people who live in developing countries won’t go anywhere near the tap if they are looking for drinking water. Here in America, however, we have certain regulations on our water systems to ensure that our tap water is safe to drink. While by national standards, our tap water is potable, some experts say those standards are “too lenient.” Whether you agree with those professionals and want to be vigilant, or simply like the taste of purified water, filtering has huge benefits on water taste and quality. Some of them include:

Filtering Limits Contaminants

A lot of America’s infrastructure is aging. Weak pipes give potential for runoff, byproduct contamination, and other pollutants to get into your water system. Using a filtration system can prevent these toxins from finding their way into your water glass, which will lead to the overall better health of your family. This is especially important in households with elderly people, pregnant women, young children, and people with compromised immune systems. Using filtered water for both cooking and drinking can reduce your exposure to lead, radon, chlorine, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Good filtration systems will monitor your water’s pH to make sure that good minerals stay in your water, and harmful ones stay out.

Filtering Reduces Environmental Impact

Filtering also offers a sustainable alternative to bottled water. Instead of getting rid of bottle after bottle, filtration devices will purify large quantities of water and have a longer lifespan. Only one of out every five bottles is recycled, meaning the rest of them end up in landfills or worse. In 2016 alone, over 10 million of non recycled plastic has ended up in the ocean, and that number is on the rise for 2017. Filtering is also much cheaper than buying bottle after bottle of water, as filters have a much longer shelf life. By opting to filter water, instead of buying bottled water, will save you money, and have huge benefits for the environment.

Filtering Improves Taste

When you extract compounds such as chlorine and other substances from your water, you can make it taste significantly better. People often rave about water that comes from Starbucks and other coffee shops; that’s because they use advanced filtration systems to give their customers the best products. Adopting filtration in your home will give you and your family higher quality, better tasting water.

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