Three of the World’s Dirtiest Bodies of Water

Boat in dirty black water

Three of the World’s Dirtiest Bodies of Water

Environmental damage has been a growing problem for many years, but it is only recently that people have begun to realize the true impact. One of the aspects with the largest beating from pollution is water. A necessary means of survival for many people surrounding these bodies of water, this has not stopped these lakes and rivers from being overrun by pollution. Here are just a few of the dirtiest bodies of water in the world.

Citarum River

Located in Indonesia, the Citarum River may be the most polluted river in the world. Bordering its 200-mile long length, there are 500 factories that put waste into the water. It gets so bad in some areas that you can’t actually see the water, only garbage. The fishing industry there has become completely useless, as it is actually more profitable to sift through the garbage for valuable items.

Yellow River

This river in China, despite the name, is actually quite often a red color due to the frequent chemical spills and damming. They have also caused the river to run dry at times. This has not stopped its use, though 1/3 of the water has been deemed unusable, as it is a necessary water source for millions of people in China.

Mississippi River

While many polluted bodies of water are overseas, American rivers are far from pollution free. While not the most polluted body of water, the Mississippi River, throughout its journey through ten states, gains more and more pollutants as it goes, eventually releasing them into the Gulf of Mexico. This has created an area called the “dead zone,” where no aquatic life can survive due to the low levels of oxygen created by the pollutants.
While these are just a small sample of contaminated bodies of water on our planet, there are many others all over the world. To learn more about safe drinking water and filtration systems, visit our website today!

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