What’s New At Strainrite

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What’s New At Strainrite

Whatever you’re filtering, you need a reliable system that will do its job right. You need products you can rely on so you can get the best results and keep your customers satisfied. That’s why at Strainrite, we’re proud to introduce a number of new and updated filtration systems that will bring state-of-the-art technology to your workplace. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in filtration systems, check out what’s new at Strainrite.

The World’s First Fully Welded Ring Filter Bag

This product has been a decade in the making. Our team at Strainrite has spent over ten years developing and testing this top notch technology. Choosing this filtration system means consistent results, no bag failures, and welded hems which hold rings securely. This also means users benefit from automated production process, no particulate by pass, and no loose threads to contaminated process fluids.

The Strainrite Added Area Advantage

If you need more surface area and more flow, you’re in luck. We’re now offering filter options with 65 percent more surface area, up to 50 percent more flow, and additional certifications for added credibility. These systems are fully FDA approved, all products made in America, top notch seal ratings, and more versatile micron rating options. With more area, you’ll have more versatility. This will benefit your business, consumers, and eventually your bottom line.


If you’re seeking versatility, this is the solution for you. The MADD-MAXX GF offers all polyester hardware, FDA compliance, ideal temperature range and sealing and size options. This device can replace faulty filter presses and sparkler filters. For example, some wineries can lose up to 20 gallons of product when they change their filter press media. With this filter, you’ll lose significantly less which means ultimately higher profits and improved bottom line.  

At Strainrite, we believe in the best products to give you the most value. If you’re interested in learning more about these filtration solutions or would like to implement them in your workplace, contact us at or visit our website today!

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