How Can Strainrite’s MAXX Cap Drive Your Business?

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How Can Strainrite’s MAXX Cap Drive Your Business?

If your company works with expensive chemicals such as digital ink or biopharmaceutical liquids, every drip costs you money. If your filters aren’t doing their job correctly, you can be losing money on valuable product and wasting resources. If you’re hoping to streamline your filtration process, cut back on waste, and ultimately fuel your business, our MAXX Cap may be your solution. Here are five ways this solution can bring you better results.  

Thermal Bonding

When you’re filtering high cost substances, your filter needs to be able to withstand liquids for the best results. Made of 100 percent polypropylene, Strainrite’s capsule design incorporates thermal bonding. Thermal bonding provides low extractable filtrate and an integral fit that requires no glues, binders, surfactants or adhesives.

Always A Perfect Fit

You can take worrying about out of the equation; when you choose our filters, you’ll improve your results with a solution that always fits. Strainrite’s complete line of depth filters, specialty filters, and membrane filters can be installed into our proprietary capsule design.

Multiple Ports

For better control and sampling, our multiple port system is a huge asset. Multiple ports allow you to draw a sample before the product is filtered and a sample after it is filtered. This function is perfect for Scale-up and Media Testing.

No Cross Contamination

Do you work with valuable substances that cannot be cross contaminated? If so, this filter may be your solution. Our proprietary design uses an inlet and outlet vent for confident start up and safe efficient processing. All materials of construction are FDA compliant with CFR Title 21.


Strainrite’s Maxx Cap offers minimal hold up volume and low internal void space, perfect for conserving  expensive liquid products (i.e. digital ink, biopharmaceutical liquids). That means very low product loss and greater savings in the long run. The Maxx Cap’s compact design is excellent for situations where saving floor space is a major factor.
Don’t your business waste valuable time and resources. To learn more about our wide array of filtration systems contact us today!