Service Locations

Service Locations Graphic United States

Here at Strainrite, we’re proud to offer the most extensive selection of liquid filter bags, filter cartridges and filter housings in the US. With locations from coast to coast, our customers can visit us in Maine and California. While we take great pride in our American roots, our filtration products can be found around the world from Strainrite distributors throughout Europe and Asia. With combined capabilities and certifications in the automotive, paints, coatings, adhesives, plating, inks, chemical and medical industries, Strainrite is well equipped to offer filtration solutions for even the most unique applications and facilities.

Strainrite Corporate Headquarters

65 First Flight Drive
Auburn, ME 04210

Tel: 207-376-1600
Fax: 207-777-3177

Strainrite Sales

Alan Roberts North America Sales Manager
Phone: 207.402.0066

Jay Bernsley Northeast U.S. Territory Manager
Phone: 207.713.4411

Janet Allen Southeast U.S. Territory Manager
Phone: 804.916.0966

Monica Harris Midwest U.S. Territory Manager
Phone: 989.598.7561

Mark MacKenzie Western U.S. Territory Manager
Phone: 562.755.6477

Ed Bush International Sales Manager
Phone: 207.376.1622