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In the food and beverage industry, one small contamination can cause serious health issues and ruin your business. With Strainrite filtration systems, you won’t have to worry about contamination or leaks. Instead you’ll benefit from streamline systems engineered for easy, efficient use and better results.

Filtration Systems for Viticulture

From Bordeaux to Napa and everywhere in between, nothing quite makes a dining experience like a fine glass of wine. For centuries, winemakers have picked and sorted grapes, fermented them in barrels, and aged them to perfection. Before these reds, whites, and roses can make it to your table however, they need to go through a stringent filtration process. That’s where we can help.

When you choose Strainrite for your wine filtration needs you’ll benefit from:

  • Faster results, as our filters can be changed efficiently
  • Cleaner, because of our enclosed housing systems
  • Higher quality, because of our stringent quality control standards
  • Fewer parts in less space
  • More durable filters that offer longevity, maximum capacity, and reduced disposal cost

Commercial Beer Filtration Systems

America’s brewing industry is rapidly growing. With over 5,000 breweries and counting across the country, beer making (and beer drinking) is evermore popular in America. From stouts, to pale ales, to sours and more, brewing fresh beer means filtering out excess particles during the brewing process. We can help you there. Our filtration systems produce quality results throughout the brewing process including:

For Incoming Water

Good beer begins with pure, clean water, free of any particles or sediments. At the first stage of this process, particles need to be removed from the water. Our Enhanced Vertical Pleat (EVP) filter is ideal for any brew volume. This filter rises above the competition with its high filtration performance, long life, and loading capacity, all for a great price.

Carbon blocks help remove chlorine, organic flavor, and sediment from tap water. A trap filter will target any remaining carbon particles.

With a 99 percent rated filter media for consistent and repeatable performance Madd-MAXX filters like the MAXX-Trap are a perfect fit for trap filtration. By retaining all contaminants inside the filter during change outs Madd-MAXX elements have higher dirt holding capabilities and offer hygienic superiority over typical outside in fluid filtration.

Madd-MAXXX elements are capable of handling up to 500 gpm in a 60’ length which is a perfect solution for high flow rate application.

For Mashing

During the mashing process, milled grain is steeped in hot water. This process activates malt enzymes and converts grain starches into fermentable sugars. The mash is then separated into clear liquid wort and residual grain in a mash filter or lautering tun. After this step, the wort is transferred to the brew kettle, and must be filtered for waste grains. This process requires a high quality filtration system, to ensure only the compounds you want make it into your beer, and nothing else. We recommend the Strainrite NMO Monofilament Mesh Filter Bag for this process.

NMO Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags are an ideal solution because they are:

  • Manufactured in a wide range of micron ratings using a single filament weave
  • They offer both excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniform openings
  • They’re FDA and EU compliant
  • Monofilament mesh is available in 1 through 800 microns as standard and larger for special orders
  • Monofilament material is a perfect fit for applications where clients require no fiber migration at a high level of efficiency

For Hopping

The hopping process gives beer depth, balance, and signature flavors. Originally used as a preserving agent, hops are used for bittering, adding flavor or enhancing the aroma of beer. Hopping can take place at different stages of the brewing process, and for different intervals for different results.

A few Strainrite filters we recommend to enhance this process include:

  • The Strainrite NMO Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags, which catch boiling and finishing hops that are introduced during the brewing process.
  • Strainrite’s nylon monofilament FCB (Flavor Concentrate Bag) reduce labor and material handling costs associated with dry hopping processes.

Flavor Concentrate Bags come in three different sizes:

  • FCB1 holds up to 1 pound of dry pellets (454 grams).
  • FCB5 holds up to 5 pounds of dry pellets (2.3 kilos).
  • FCB25 holds up to 25 pounds of dry pellets (11.3 kilos)

For Clarifying

Clarifying is one of the final steps in the brewing process. Cooling beer encourages yeast and other suspended sediment to flocculate and sink. Then, the beer can be transferred from the fermentor for bottling, which eliminating chill haze in finished beer.

For primary transfer prior to cold crashing, we recommend:

  • The EVP (Enhanced Vertical Pleat)
  • The Madd-MAXX Series’ MAXX-Flow MF, a polypropylene, large diameter filter

For chill haze removal after cold crash, we offer the Clarity Cartridge line’s Fiber Maxx pleated filter cartridges, which effectively remove proteins and tannins that cause haze. The Fiber-Maxx uses a high surface area and high void volume media, incorporating microglass fibers in a uniform matrix that optimizes element flow rate and service life.

For microglass fibers in a large diameter cartridge, Strainrite recommends

  • The Madd-MAXX series’ MAXX-Flow GF
  • Madd-MAXX-GF

For Packaging

Strainrite’s Fiber Maxx, MAXX-Flow GF and Madd-MAXX-GF also serve as an excellent final filters prior to kegging, bottling or canning, or as a pre-filter to final sterilizing filters. Brewers may opt for a final sterilizing filter just before final packaging, for which we recommend the Clarity line’s Bev-Maxx and Bev-Rite cartridges. These polyethersulfone, pleated filter cartridges are specifically engineered to provide an absolute barrier against beverage spoiling micro-organisms.

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