Data Storage: Computing relies heavily on secure data storage, hard disk drives and cloud servers with nanometer-size, particle-free disk and drive surfaces capable of storing terabit levels of data. Critical liquid and gas applications require particle removal ratings from 0.02 to 40 micron.  Strainrite offers highly effective filtration products designed for manufacturing data storage solutions such as hard-disk drives and cloud servers, with the right mix of particle retention to ensure optimal adhesion and defect-free results for processes including pre-sputter etch and clean, electroless nickel plating, wash processes, ultra-pure water, and disk lubrication.

Filtration is essential in removing defect-causing sub-micron-sized particles and reducing micropitting. Nickel phosphorus is used to plate aluminum disks with a thin, hard nickel coating in an electroless, heated process. Strainrite filters have been successful in greatly reducing plate-out on the filter, which can result in lost production.

Solvent-based lubes with low surface tension prevent stictional damage between the head slider and media and protect a media disk’s magnetic layers from corrosion. For fly heights less than 10 nanometers, the removal of nanometer-size particles crucially impacts disk reliability and performance. Strainrite filters provide superior particle removal with very low metal extractables.

Strainrite filters also ensure disk surfaces are particle free in the pre-sputter etch and clean process, which utilizes DI water and dilute acids, prepares aluminum disk surfaces for nickel plating and ensures a particle-free substrate before zinc application.

Strainrite’s filters are ideally suited to fit all recirculated or single-pass spray HDD wash applications. In the final assembly process, wash steps are necessary to provide particle-free substrates on the head, disk, slider, and storage case. DI water and surfactants are used in critical post-polish and post-sputter wash steps.

Hard disk drive manufacturing processes must have access to large volumes of high-quality 18 megohm deionized water for blending chemistries and in critical wash steps. Strainrite depth filters offer the best protection to reverse osmosis systems, and Strainrite membrane filters rated down to 0.02 microns in point-of-use rinse applications.

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