Strainrite products are specially designed to remove impurities in all critical, wet front- and back-end semiconductor processes, including single wafer etch and clean, batch wet etch and clean, single-pass chemical distribution systems, ECD copper plating and RO/DI filtration.

Single-wafer wet processing involves dispensing concentrated or dilute process chemistry onto the surface of the wafer, often with lower flow rates and process temperatures in comparison to similar batch wet etch and clean processes. Batch wet etch and clean processes involve the processing of multiple wafers simultaneously. Wafers are typically immersed in a multi-pass process, and the process chemistry is recirculated repeatedly, typically requiring higher flow properties of cartridges. Strainrite cartridges and capsules are available in a variety of sizes to maximize single wafer etch and clean, offer high flow properties and high particle removal efficiencies for batch wet etch and are capable of high quality filtration in the widest range of aggressive and high-temperature wet processes.

Chemical distribution systems deliver chemicals to production tools used for wet processing. Wet process chemical is usually pumped through filters into a day tank, typically requiring low, single-pass filters. Strainrite filters, designed for single or minimal pass systems, are optimized for the highest particle removal efficiency.

Electrochemical deposition copper (ECD) plating deposits a thin uniform layer of copper on to the surface of a wafer. Strainriteā€™s hydrophilic filters achieve the best process results and are available in different lengths to fit both high flow recirculated plating processes as well as low flow single wafer plating applications.

Semiconductor manufacturing processes must have access to large volumes of high-quality 18 megohm deionized water for blending chemistries and in critical wash steps. Strainrite depth filters offer the best protection to reverse osmosis systems, and Strainrite membrane filters rated down to 0.02 microns in point-of-use rinse applications.

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