Strainrite liquid filter cartridges are used for the clear filtration of liquids, whether it be for sterilization or to separate micro-organisms. Our proprietary liquid filter cartridges come in three different styles: Membrane Cartridge Filters, Pleated Depth Cartridge Filters and Large Diameter Pleated Cartridge Filters. A variety of filter media and types are available and specialized for whatever your project may be. Filter cartridges are designed to have a continuous and repeatable effluent quality. Strainrite delivers filter media that offers uniform consistency as they work to separate out particles from the liquid for an effective sterilization.

Strainrite also offers capsules for single-use and multi-use applications. Strainrite’s depth filters and our complete line of membranes can be installed in our proprietary capsule design.

All Clarity™ pleated filter cartridges are manufactured in our 81,000 square foot facility located in Auburn, Maine. Our Quality Management System is certified to be ISO 9001:2008 compliant, and our extensive internal systems ensure the highest quality products and processes. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians are able to maintain the highest levels of product reliability and repeatability, from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished filters.
A few controls that are in-place include:
• Raw material performance verification
• Bubble point and air diffusion testing
• Bacteria challenge verifications of performance
• Extractable verification and determination
• Ultra-pure water rinsing with resistivity verification of effectiveness
• Finished validated products are integrity
tested by air diffusion
Our technical and scientific staff works closely with our clients during the validation process. The focus of this support is to offer technical advice on developing effective protocols and experimental testing parameters to assure predictable and repeatable output results.

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