Manufactured in a narrow range of micron ratings using a multi-strand weave. Available in nylon and polyester.

Multifilament Mesh Filter Bags are manufactured in a narrow range of micron ratings using a multi-strand weave. Multi-strand woven media is very cost effective for those applications where nominal filtration is required. The media openings are nominally spaced apart and require the use of a support basket to optimize filter performance. This media is excellent when applications require fiber free products from 100 micron up to 800 micron nominal efficiency range.

Download the PDF: MultiMesh


  • Available in a highly chemical resistant Nylon material
  • Very cost effective
  • Non-fiber releasing material
  • Excellent nominal efficiency performance when utilized with a support basket
  • Superior to cartridge filtration due to inside-out flow dynamic, all impurities are contained inside the filter bag
  • Reduced product loss due to virtually no media hold up volume

• Paints and Coatings
• General Chemical
• Process water
• Food and Beverage
• Ink Industry

Material NMU – Nylon Multifilament
PEMU – Polyester Multifilament
Micron Rating 100T, 100F, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 600, 600T, 800 150
Finish P – Plain P
Size 1 – 7” x 16”
2 – 7”x 30.5”
3-4.08”x 8”
4-4.08”x 14”
30 – 4.118” x 10”
65 – 4.118” x 22”
Ring S – Carbon Steel
SS – Stainless Steel
P – Polypro Flange
PR – Polypro Ring
SR – Seal Rite
DS – Draw String
N – No Ring
Options HS – Handle Strap HS