Heavy Duty Bag Vessels

The SRHD Series filter bag vessels are designed to handle your most difficult fluid filtration requirements. Our SRHD is made from heavy duty steel components and to strict quality standards, which allows our clients the ability to change from a non-stamped to an ASME UM stamped vessel at a nominal cost. The SRHD series incorporates our unique radial seal design that provides a hermetic seal between the basket and vessel. Utilizing a radial seal with our retainer baskets eliminates “basket rocking”, which causes bypass as the basket becomes out of round. “Basket rocking” is common in low cost bag vessels that do not incorporate an O-ring seal and can cause unfiltered liquid bypass. The Strainrite Companies’ SRHD, with a radial seal, has a machined surface that produces a positive seal to eliminate bypass.
SRHD vessels incorporate a combination of unique qualities that places us at the top of single bag vessel design. Standard features include: a recessed basket, volume displacer welded to top cover, and a 304 stainless steel wire mesh basket to name a few. Our standard wire mesh baskets increase available filtration surface area up to 30% compared to cheaper perforated retainer baskets. Increasing effective filtration surface area reduces bag consumption and extends production run times decreasing labor cost.

Download the PDF: SRHD



  • Hermetic radial o-ring sealed retainer basket Eliminates potential for bypass and “basket rocking”
  • Adjustable tri-pod standOffers flexibility when plumbing into an existing line
  • Built-in volume displacer in cover
  • Inlet/outlet orientation:Side-in/Bottom-out or Side-in/Side-out (optional)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Positive cover seal
  • Standard Pressure ratings: 150 up to 300 psi
  • Custom pressure ratings: 300 psi up to 1,000 psi
  • Easily cleaned
  • Stainless Steel wire mesh basket
  • ASME Code stamp available on all SRHD style vessels
  • Swing bolt closures
  • 0.25” NPT vent tap
  • Pipe sizes from 0.75” to 4” NPT, RFF or Quick Disconnect connections
  • Covers are o-ring sealed
  • Carbon steel, or stainless steel (304) or (316) construction for housings
  • Liquid displacers for cleaner servicing
  • Adjustable-height legs
  • Large-area, heavy-duty baskets
  • O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, Viton ®, Teflon ® encapsulated

Optional Features:

  • Inlet/outlet orientation: Side-in/Side-out
  • Sanitary construction
  • Different outlet connections and orientations
  • Higher pressure ratings
  • Heat jacketing
  • ASME code stamp
  • Duplexed units are available
  • Pipe or flange 1” – 4”
  • 300 psi up to 1,000 psi
  • Compression device

For the following recommended ow rates, vessels need a minimum inlet/outlet size of 2” NPT. The recommended ow for basket and filter combination is for nominally rated filter bags. (High efficiency filter bags excluded).

Product Basket Strainer Mesh Lined Basket Strainer Retainer Basket with Filter Bag Surface Area: Sq. Ft.
SRHD 150 gpm 100 gpm 75 gpm 2.25
SRHD 300 gpm 200 gpm 150 gpm 4.50
Series SRHD – Strainrite Heavy Duty Series SRHD
Bag Size 1 – #1 size bag
2 – #2 size bag
Inlet/Outlet 2 – 2” NPT
2F – 2” RFF
3 – 3”NPT
3F – 3” RFF
4 – 4”NPT
4F – 4” RFF
Material of Construction A – Carbon Steel
B – 304 Stainless Steel
C – 316 Stainless Steel
Options SAN – Sanitary Design – Side Out/180
SO – Side Outlet – Side Out/Same Side
EP – Electro Polish Finish
GT – Differential Pressure Gauge Ports
ML – Mesh-Lined Basket
UM – Code Stamped
U – 3rd Party ASME Code Inspected
SSB – Swing Bolts / Eye Nut Stainless Steel