Low-Flow Bag Vessels

The SRL Series is versatile in it’s ability to function as a strainer or add a filter bag and convert it to a liquid filtration housing unit. The SRL Series vessels come in two standard sizes, tailored to your throughput requirements. The SRL 1-30 is rated for 30 gpm, and the SRL 1-65 at 65 gpm. All sizes are available in three different closure designs for ease of cleaning/replacing and for easy removal without specific tools.
Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the bag or basket and flows through. Because solids are contained inside the bag or basket, removal is made easy when service is required. Basket strainers and bag filters are selected to comply with specific application requirements.

Download the PDF: SRL


  • Inlet/Outlet Orientation: Side-in Bottom-out
  • Low Pressure Drop, Positive Cover Seal
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Heavy Duty Perforated Basket
  • ASME Code Stamp Available on swing bolt design
  • Band Clamp, Swing Bolt & Swing Away Closures
  • 0.25” NPT Vent Tap
  • Pipe Sizes from 0.5” to 2” NPT, RFF or Quick Disconnect Connections

Optional Features:

  • Inlet/Outlet Orientation: Side-in Side-out
  • Epoxy coating, electro-polish & fuse coating
  • Higher pressure ratings available
  • Compression devices
  • Custom designs
  • Sanitary construction
  • Mesh-lined basket for straining applications: 50 micron & higher
  • ASME code stamp available on swing bolt design

Both sizes of the SRL Series are available in three different closure designs. Select between the Band Clamp, Swing Bolt or the Swing Away Closure options.

Series SRL – Strainrite Low Flow Series SRL
Bag Size #3 – 3 size bag
#4 – 4 size bag
30 – 30 size bag
65 – 65 size bag
Inlet/Outlet 1 – 1”NPT
1F – 1”RFF
1TC – 1”Triclover
1.5 – 1.5”NPT
1.5F – 1.5”RFF
1.5TC – 15”Triclover
2 – 2”NPT
2F – 2”RFF
2TC – 2”Triclover
Material of Construction A – Carbon Steel
B – 304 Stainless Steel
C – 316 Stainless Steel
Closure BC – Band Clamp
SB – Swing Bolt
SW – Swing Away
Options SAN – Sanitary Design – Side Out/180
SO – Side Outlet – Side Out/Same Side
EP – Electro Polish Finish
GT – Differential Pressure Gauge Ports
ML – Mesh-Lined Basket
UM – Code Stamped (SB only)