Value Design Bag Vessels

The SRVB Value Design vessels provide economical filtration of a wide variety of liquids in a lightweight, externally polished stainless steel design, with features including a swing bolt secured, quick opening cover and an internal positive pressure bag hold-down device. The SRVB vessels accommodate one standard #2 bag. These vessels are manufactured from polished and passivated 304 stainless steel and rated for 150 psi (10.3 bar). For added corrosion resistance, all cover bolt and leg mounting hardware is made from stainless steel as well.

Download the PDF: SRVB


  • Swing bolted o-ring closure seal provides quick & positive seal with easy access to the vessel interior and filter bag
  • Both FNPT threaded and ANSI B16.5 flanged connections are available in specific models
  • NPT option offers dual 2” outlet ports on bottom and side locations
  • Fluorocarbon seals are standard with other material options available
  • Standard threaded FNPT vent & drains
  • Standard stainless steel closure bolt hardware
  • Polished exterior & pickle passivate interior/exterior for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Mounting legs are adjustable, providing flexibility for installation height and orientation

Optional Features:

  • Buna and EPDM O-ring materials offered separately
  • #1 size bag available on special request

• Potable Water

• Lubricants

• Process Water

• Coolants

• Cutting oils

• Coatings

• Solvents

Max. Allowable Pressure  150 psi (10.3 bar)

Max. Allowable Temperature 300°F (149°C)

Series SRVB – Strainrite Value Design Vessel SRVB
Material B – 304 Stainless Steel -B
Bag Size 1 – #1 size bag*

2 – #2 size bag

Inlet/Outlet 2 – 2″ NPT

2f – 2″ RFF

O-ring Material** V – Fluorocarbon V
**Buna and EPDM materials offered separately

*Available on special request only