The Classic

Manufactured on state-of-the-art, high-speed, needling equipment.

The Strainrite Companies offer the widest range of needle punch felt filters in the market. We have formed long-term strategic partnerships with North America’s largest and most respected needle punch manufacturers. All of our fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the-art high speed needling equipment that continuously monitor key specifications in real time resulting in the most uniform and consistent fabric across the entire web in our industry. By combining our technically advanced converting process with the industry’s most reliable media, The Strainrite Companies offers a felt filter bag that leads in product quality, reliability and repeatability.

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  • Felt filter bags offer several distinct advantages over standard string wound and melt blown cartridges
  • Hygienically superior due to inside-out flow dynamics, all impurities are contained inside the filter bag
  • Lower total costs due to higher solids loading capabilities
  • Reduced labor costs from fewer change-outs
  • Fewer spent filters resulting in reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced product loss due to lower hold up volumes
  • User friendly because it is easier and quicker to change one filter bag versus several 10″ cartridges

• General Chemical
• Produced water from gas drilling
• Process Water
• Food and Beverage
• Paints and Coatings

Available Materials and Micron Ratings

0.5 1 5 10 25 50 75 100 150 200
Polypropylene X X X X X X X X X
Polyester X X X X X X X X X X
Nomex* X X X

*Other microns may be available upon special request.

Material AP – Polyester
SP – Polypropylene HT – Nomex
N – Nylon
Micron Rating 0.5,1T, 1, 5,10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200* 10
Finish P – Plain
S – Singed
B – Singed both sides
C – Cerex cover
N – Nylon mesh cover
Size 1 – 7” x 16”
2 – 7”x 30.5”
3-4.08”x 8”
4-4.08”x 14”
30 – 4.118” x 10”
65 – 4.118” x 22”
Ring S – Carbon Ring
SS – Stainless Steel Ring
P – Polypro Flange
SR – Seal Rite
DS – Draw String
PR – Polypro Ring
N – No Ring
Options HS – Handle Strap
AS – Fully Stitched

*Other microns may be available upon special request.